Our Mission

The Vegetable Co. was created due to our understanding of the impact of industrial agriculture on the world.

We pursued a Controlled Environment Agriculture, tech-based modern urban farming approach as we try to displace traditional, industrial agriculture. It optimizes the use of resources such as water, energy, space, capital and labour through the creation of an optimal growing condition.

This new way of farming has specific characteristics, meant to counteract against the malpractices of industrial agriculture. At the Vegetable Co. we tackle four main focal points.

Non Chemical

We have made a concerted effort to ensure that our growing operations stay away from synthetic chemicals, as we abstain from pesticides. Our farms are within an enclosed environment and we enforce a strict hygiene Standard Operating Procedure. In essence, our vegetables have no contaminants and we intend to serve you clean and fresh vegetables, ready to be eaten upon delivery.

Controlled Environment

Each specific farm is customised in a manner that optimises resources, while consistently producing vegetables that have the highest quality and nutrient content. We do thorough research on the optimal needs of specific plants, and tailor our farms accordingly to grow the best vegetables utilising the exact amount of resources. It has been proven that our farming technology reduces water utilisation by 90%.

But we’re not stopping there. We are constantly in a state of innovation, striving for improvement as we uphold our desire to provide nutritious, high quality vegetables while destressing the planet.

Vertical Farming

We use a vertical farming model, utilising multiple tiers for growth. For each additional floor that is added, surface efficiency is increased. Each farm grows as much food as 0.7 acre of traditional farmland, making efficient use of limited spaces.

The population density of urban areas will rise over the coming years. We aim to feed them by mitigating the need to exploit resources far from the source of demand and reducing the need for virgin forest logging.


Our business revolves around producing vegetables within a localised distance from our core demographics. As we are a firm believer of the zero-kilometre model, we strive to bring our produce directly from the farm to the consumers. Our produce is guaranteed to be fresh, spending minimal time in storage facilities and cold rooms. This reduces nutrient loss as we provide the freshest, healthiest vegetables to our consumers.
Our adherence to the zero-kilometre model also has an added benefit of a minimal carbon footprint as we significantly reduce the distance travelled and logistics used. By having an urban farm addressing an urban population, we make a concerted effort to minimise the import of long-distance, carbon-intensive vegetables.