COVID-19 Safety Procedures

The current pandemic is a time of uncertainty. Health concerns are at an all-time high, and The Vegetable Co. want to alleviate your worries. As such, we are taking steps to curb the spread of this infectious disease while providing you with the freshest, healthiest vegetables to help combat it.

Necessary precautions are being taken across our supply chain, from our farm to our delivery services. Fortunately, we have our underlying Standard Operating Procedure as a guideline as we are used to integrating hygienic practices such as donning masks and gloves. The only additional steps necessary currently is to ensure that our employees stay safe, while maintaining a high level of sanitation throughout our operations and delivery. 

Below is the extensive list of actions we are taking to ensure safety and cleanliness.

At The Farm

Hands to be washed:

  • Upon entry
  • In the instance you touch any body parts listed below
  • Before packaging, order picking, delivering
  • Before and after eating and drinking
  • Before and after using the bathroom
  • Before you leave
  • Anywhere else detailed in this document

No touching of  your face, head, hair, eyes or any other body parts during shift. If you need to do so, gloves are to be disposed of, hands washed immediately, followed by with fresh glove application.

Glove application:

  • Ensure hands are washed or sanitised immediately before glove application
  • Only touch cuff of gloves with bare hands
  • Do not touch exterior of glove with your bare skin when removing gloves

Ensure hand washing with soap for at least 20 seconds followed by thorough drying in every instance.

During Delivery

Hand washing and thorough drying:

  • Prior to picking up produce
  • After loading produce onto vehicle

Disinfection of vehicle key contact points to be completed at start & end of shift. Whilst we cannot perform disinfection on the whole vehicle interior, we can focus our efforts on key contact surfaces and strict hygiene protocol around driving and delivering. Using alcohol 70% spray down the following areas and allow 1 minute contact time for disinfection:

  • Steering wheel
  • Gear stick
  • Door
  • Boot handles
  • Key
  • Dashboard
  • Signal switches
  • Radio
  • Mobile phone

When delivering and engaging with customers:

  • Sanitise hands before engaging with customers/ guardhouse
  • Sanitise ID card and hand after passing and receiving ID card and visitor pass
  • Ensure a 1-metre distance when passing to customers, whenever possible
  • Sanitise hands after taking back previous container
  • Sanitise hands after returning visitor pass

Box Return & Sterilisation:

  • Sterilise and disinfect our carrier box upon return.
  • Sterilise and disinfect vegetable containers upon return