How Does it Work?

Click and order – select a date and time that best suits you.

We harvest on the preferred day you have selected.

We deliver to your doorstep - For Free!

Enjoy your Vege-box, with a surprise selection of vegetables and herbs

Return your previous box to us (when possible)! Together, we can reduce & reuse!

Sustainability operates at the heart of our values, and we would like you, our customer, to come on this sustainable journey with us. Our packages are timeless, durable and reusable, and we would love your cooperation in maintaining it as such.

Our Delivery Guide!

Help Us be Seamless and Sustainable

  • Please make yourself available during the time slots that you’ve chosen to reduce any friction. An SMS/ Whatsapp message will be sent along the delivery process to update you on our drivers’ locations.
  • Our riders will only be at the premise for ten (10) minutes once they have arrived. If you fail to accept the package within that period, our riders will head back with the package but it will be deemed delivered to you, with you bearing all risk and responsibilities.
  • It is possible to arrange for a redelivery after, but we will be entitled to charge for this additional service.
  • Please be courteous to our delivery partner. They are working to serve you to the best of their abilities.
  • Please place our box of vegetables within your refrigerator as soon as possible to maintain its quality. Leafy greens stay freshest at temperatures slightly above 0°C.
  • With regards to the vegetable box, please give it a quick wipe after you have finished the content. This will help make it last longer. Please store it in a cool and dry environment.
  • If you are getting a next delivery, please return the previous vegetable box to us when you receive your next package.

With these steps in mind, let’s all make a conscious effort towards a friendly and sustainable future.