Our science, Your Farm

Co2 is a crucial element in photosynthesis. Under the right conditions, co2 injections increases carbohydrates and glucose within vegetables, the necessary building blocks of plant growth. Vegetables tend to grow much bigger and healthier under high co2 conditions.

Within our operations, we inject co2 into our closed-environment farm, increasing co2 above atmospheric levels and creating an optimal condition for strong plants.

Vegetables are delicate life forms, requiring perfect balances for it to thrive. There are two limiting factors that must be in equilibrium: humidity and temperature.

Humidity must be kept balanced, as high humidity reduces the internal pressure within the stems, preventing the plant from drawing liquids and nutrients from the roots. Conversely, a lack of humidity closes the plant pores (stomata) and slows down photosynthesis. Similarly, vegetables only thrive in a temperature range that they find comfortable.

At The Vegetable Co., we thread these fine balances cautiously as we nurture our plants to its highest potential. Our air-conditioning system also has the best-in-class ioniser system that filters the air and removes contaminant, ensuring that your vegetables are safe and clean to eat at a moment’s notice.

Plants require a combination of 13 different macro- and micro- nutrients for growth, which are usually found within the soil. As we use a soil-free method of farming, we supplement our vegetables with biological liquid fertilisers. These nutrients are combined to the highest precision, presenting the best conditions for the growth of a healthy and nutritious vegetable.

This is then integrated into our hydroponic system, which plays a vital role. The system operates on a closed-loop principle, channelling our carefully curated water-nutrient solution to flow below the vegetables. This constant circulation allows the roots to easily absorb the necessary nutrients and water, while preventing inefficiencies that comes from a stagnant medium. It also oxidises the solution, preventing our plants from drowning.

This system has helped us use approximately 90% less water and 75% less fertilisers while consistently growing highly nutritious vegetables.

Light is essential for plant growth, but the full spectrum of a sun’s ray is not necessary. At best, plants absorb about 34% of incidental sunlight. Only certain light spectrums are utilised for photosynthesis, and they are primarily within the red and blue spectrum, with a hint of green.

Generally, Red lights help plants grow big and strong, while Blue lights foster the photosynthesis process while generating more antioxidants.

With our customised LED panels, we create the perfect light combinations for plant growth at every stage of its journey towards your plate.